What is CPR? and What is DNACPR?
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Talk CPR – Discuss DNACPR


Talk CPR’s goal is to encourage conversation about CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for people affected by life-limiting and palliative illnesses. Talking about Do Not Attempt CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) is an important part of advance care planning and can help minimise distress at a later stage.


 I wylio’r fideo hwn yn Saesneg, cliciwch yma

Welcome to Talk CPR

Talk CPR is an awareness campaign in association with Dying Matters in Wales – Byw Nawr (Live Now).

The aim is to create awareness of what CPR and DNACPR advance decisions are, and to point people affected by life-limiting conditions towards resources and information in Wales and beyond. There are a few videos that explain what CardioPulmonary Resuscitation is, and what it isn’t, how successful it is and why some people want to discus this with their doctor in advance of it becoming necessary.

CPR may include:

  • Repeatedly pushing down firmly on your chest.
  • Using a special mask or a tube to help you breathe.
  • Using electric currents from a defibrillator to try and restart your heart.
  • Using medication, often given into the veins, in order to help restart your heart.


The Talk CPR website is the first widely available resource I have come across. The bite size videos are easily accessible and provide a fair bit of information, but their greatest value to me is that, even if they don’t answer all the questions you have, they may provide the information needed to start the much needed conversation about CPR and DNACPR and end of life choices with your doctor. The way the menu links straight to the FAQ’s is great, and I particularly like the 50 second video overview of the site – is it a TV ad? If not, it should be!

– Kate Masters, daughter of the late Janet Tracey