Who makes the decisions if I can’t?

If you are unable to understand the information you are given about CPR and cannot make the decision for yourself someone else may be able to decide for you.

For patients unable to make a decision because of illness or a learning disability a person (a legal proxy) can be appointed to make a decision on your behalf to help decide for you. A legal proxy can be:

  • Someone you appointed as your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for Health and Welfare or
  • Someone a court has appointed to be your welfare guardian, or
  • Someone a court has appointed by an intervention order to make a one-off decision (about CPR).

The doctor will always talk through the decision with the legal proxy if this is possible.

  • Although your family and friends are not allowed to decide for you, unless they have been given this authority in the form of an LPA, your healthcare team will talk to them to understand your wishes and beliefs.
  • If there are people you do or do not want to be asked about your care, you should let your healthcare team know as soon as possible.

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