NHS Wales Award Winner



TalkCPR won an NHS Wales Award and was a finalist in both the Royal College of Physicians Awards and the British Medical Journal Awards.

NHS Wales Award


A video created by NHS Wales following the awards ceremony and the evidence that helped it win the award can be viewed below.


TalkCPR Evidence

Survey questions for doctors and nurses were:

  1. How ready do you feel to answer questions on Do Not Attempt CardioPulmonaryResuscitation (Dnacpr) planning decisions from patients?
  2. How ready or unready is the general public to see an information video on DNACPR?
  3. How ready are patients/carers to see a video about DNACPR in a clinical area, ie a hospital bed or GP practice waiting room?
  4. How ready would you be to show an information video to palliative patients/and or their carers on this topic, if you had a portable computer that made this easy?
  5. How ready would you feel to suggest a video on the topic of DNACPR to another member of staff?
  6. Do you think palliative care patients are ready for such a video, as a newer form of communicating complex areas of care if it can add-on to vital face-to-face discussions?


Evidence: SPC charts to show change in % confidence within individual nurses and individual doctors to discuss DNACPR 




Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.30.05


Process map of how DNACPR discussions with palliative patients can be approached in Wales using TalkCPR website and videos for patients and staff


Process Chart


“The Talk CPR website is the first widely available resource I have come across. The bite size videos are easily accessible and provide a fair bit of information, but their greatest value to me is that, even if they don’t answer all the questions you have, they may provide the information needed to start the much needed conversation about CPR and DNACPR and end of life choices with your doctor. The way the menu links straight to the FAQ’s is great, and I particularly like the 50 second video overview of the site – is it a TV ad? If not, it should be! “

– Kate Masters, daughter of the late Janet Tracey