Talk CPR Update

Over the last three year’s TalkCPR has helped improve the conversations between professionals and the general public across Wales and beyond. We felt that it was now time to report on relevant CPR and DNACPR conversations and highlight some of the work that we are carrying out.

Some of the work we have developed and the recognitions ganined over the last three years include:

  • TalkCPR won an NHS Wales Award and was a finalist in both the Royal College of Physicians Awards and the British Medical Journal Awards.

NHS Wales Award

A video created by NHS Wales following the awards ceremony and the evidence that helped it win the award (below)


  • TalkCPR developed an e-Video pack. This innovative solution was sent to all GP surgeries across Wales. The TalkCPR videos were pre-loaded on each e-video pack provides training videos for GPs. The e-Video packs also provide all of our, non-bias videos about CPR and DNACPR for patients (without requiring an internet connection. A video highlighting how the video e-Video packs work can be viewed below:

TalkCPR and the impact it has had has also been featured and cited in many local and international conferences. Due to the campaigns success we have decided to update this website on a more regular basis. By doing so we hope to keep the CPR and wider healthcare and palliative care community abreast of our public engagement work and professional training initiatives.